Gettysburg Gallery

Scenes from “The Night Before Gettysburg” in 2023; And scenes from Gettysburg itself

Gettysburg Performance 2023

These photos were shot at the play venue in 2023, at the Historic Train Station at which Lincoln arrived from Washington, DC

Gettysburg Reenactment at Daniel Lady Farm

The Daniel Lady Farm served as a Confederate staging area prior to the battle, and the days of the battle; And was an important Union medical area (Confederate soldiers were also treated) after the battle.

Minnesota 1st Regiment

The Minnesota first regiment played a critical role in Day 2 of the Battle, helping the Union maintain control of Cemetery Ridge…setting the stage for the battle-ending Pickett’s Charge the next day.

Cemetery Ridge

Cemetery Ridge is the site of Pickett’s Charge – a 3/4 mile charge (starting at tree line in left photo) that was destined to fail…ending the battle. It took an hour, start to finish, the Union earned a substantive and momentum-changing victory. The 3-day battle ran July 1st to 3rd. The Confederates lost 1/3rd of their 75,000-man Army of Northern Virginia to death, injury and capture.